8 y.o., Moscow region, Russia
(started studying at the KidsConservatory at the age of 6)
First lessons, start of classes
Second level
Graduation home concert
Third level
Graduation home concert
About classes with Arseny

Arseniy joined the KidsConservatory in April 2019 and completed the then experimental First level in six weeks. Arseniy had interesting improvisations, but very clenched, shackled hands. It seemed that everything was uncomfortable for him: his fingers stuck out in all directions, they were straight and tense, his whole body seemed to be constrained.

At the First level of training, Arseniy did all the blocks of exercises to relax the body and hands, played the first improvisations. Accessible and easy to do exercises, frequent approaches to the instrument to play his own compositions slowly began to liberate Arseniy.

After graduating from the First level, Arseniy and his mother went on vacation for six months and returned to the KidsConservatory in December for the New Year's Rhythm Marathon.

After effectively completing the Rhythm-Marathon, Arseniy's mother decided to continue working at the Second level, having already joined the last month of classes out of the three announced. Arseniy and his mother completed the entire level in a month, working hard and sending reports on the work done almost every day. It should be noted that the preparatory work carried out at the First stage of training gave good results, and, despite the long break, Arseny's hands were easier to work with and were more obedient.

So, in the process of daily and active work, Arseniy achieved incredible results in a month. We have traveled a short but very eventful journey together.

An effective individual work on the position of the hands was carried out. I selected and created exercises, starting from the "symptoms" at each point in time. As a result, for a month:

1) Arseniy developed the independence of each finger very well

2) Learned to competently release the brush from tension

3) In the process of working with rhythmic scores, Arseniy achieved good hand coordination.

Working on the game of songs and plays, Arseny also achieved significant results:

1) Mastered three types of accompaniment (bass, third, chord)

2) Began to master the principle of playing legato (connectedly)

3) We also carried out the first work on intonation

At the end of the Second level of training, Arseniy was able to play a home concert, which made his loved ones very happy.

The concert program included six small songs and plays: "Cockerel", "Two Cats", "Steam Locomotive", "About the Christmas Tree", "Etude" by E.F. Gnesina, "Song" by E.F. Gnesina.

Now Arseniy is studying at the Third level of Education, plays four-hand ensembles with his mother and learns the pieces he likes.


In December 2020, Arseniy completed his studies at the Third level of Education. In the final home concert, Arseny played Leopold Mozart's Minuet, Czerny-Germer's Four Etudes, Kabalevsky's Clowns, and pieces from popular music that he liked.

Now Arseniy continues his studies at the Fourth level.