Katya Davydova with a diploma of successful completion of the First level
INTERVIEW of the author of the course Veronika Strelbitskaya with Elena Davydova, mother of Katya (6 years old), who studied at the First stage of the course of the KidsConservatory.

Veronica: Elena, how did Katya show her musicality? What prompted you to decide to teach Katya how to play the piano?
Elena: This is solely my initiative, because. I myself have a positive experience of studying an instrument at a music school, I would like her to touch music as well. I saw that she did not have a special ear, but her general sensitivity and musicality were developed - she sometimes danced to the classics. Before that, Katya went to group music lessons for children aged 4-6, just general musical training (the basics of music and recorder). She really liked it. Since it was the last summer before preparing for school, I decided to try how it would go in order to understand the vector of movement in the future.

Why did you choose the Little Conservatory for learning to play the piano?
Veronica, the choice is solely due to your personality. After painting classes and games (Bakhotsky), I realized that it would definitely be with soul and dedication.

Do you have a basic musical education? Did you get new knowledge for yourself in the process of learning with your child?
Yes, the school is 5 years old. Yes, improvisation. I didn't even know it was possible????

Did Katya and you like the course material? Did you like the format of the work, the presentation of the material?
Kate liked everything. At first it was harder for me, then, when I adjusted, it was easier, but I don’t think that Katya noticed it.

How much time did you spend preparing for classes?
10 minutes, watch before watching with Katya.

How long did it take Katya to complete the tasks?
In total, about 30 minutes, spread over 2-3 (at the beginning) and 3-5 (in the last lessons) days.

How much time did Katya spend at the instrument every day on her own initiative?
Approximately after the middle of classes, she began to approach the instrument herself. By the end, I came up to 5 times a day for exactly 5 minutes.

Did you like the guidance and support of the teacher? Did you receive answers to all your questions?
Yes very. Received answers to all questions and even more.

What three words would you use to characterize the project of the Little Conservatory?
Soulful. Opening. Love for music)

Would you recommend classes at the Little Conservatory to your friends with children? Who would suit our course, and who would not, in your opinion?
Yes, I would recommend. I think the course is suitable for those who are afraid of a music school as a system for preparing “nominees and laureates”, but who want to teach their child music. The child, of course, will be very comfortable, but it is more difficult for the parent if approached responsibly.
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