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MARCH 2020
MAY 2020

On March 15, 2020, Ilaria's mother turned to me with a request to start classes with her daughter. “The child's name is Ilaria, 6 years old, and we are in the first year at a music school, in the 1st grade. We would like to raise her level, check the placement of hands, develop an ear for music. I am Mom Olya, and I am not strong in music, but I want to help her, ”Olga wrote to me.

Olga sent me a video of Ilaria's performance at a school concert, and I saw that there was a lot of work to be done. Ilaria had a low seat behind the instrument, raised shoulders and tense wrists, and from this stemmed all the problems with hand placement that we had to work on in the future. The sound of the instrument also depended on the wrong positioning of the hands - the sound was loud, knocking, the hand fell on the first or fifth finger, shaking, from which the melody in the pieces was crushed and fell apart, the instrument did not sound, did not sing.

The desire of the child to study music and the support of his mother led them to the KidsConservatory. And we started work.

First of all, they changed the position behind the instrument, which was very inconvenient for Ilaria - at first she hunched over, trying to return her body to its usual position "under the keyboard". Over the relaxation of the shoulder girdle and arms, we continued to work throughout the course. Ilaria completed four extended blocks of exercises for hands and fingers. Then we worked separately on the fifth and first fingers, so that they were more sensitive, independent, and did not fall, but “took” a note.
Not everything came easily and immediately. Mom wrote: “Sometimes it seems to me that we are standing still. Sometimes he puts (handles) right and plays, and then “bang” and everything is the same as before. Retraining is always more difficult than learning from scratch.
“We do several approaches in a day,” my mother wrote in the reports. This is what gave and secured a positive result from the exercises.

We alternated all this painstaking work on the placement of hands with creative tasks. Ilaria revealed herself as a talented composer in her small musical sketches and compositions, which caused great joy and approval not only from me, but also from the subscribers of the Little Conservatory group on social networks - our open online concert platform. The little composer had fans who were looking forward to posts with new compositions by Ilaria.

The change in the position of the hands, the release of the hand and the activation of the work of the fingers led to the fact that Ilaria's methods of sound production changed, and, as a result, the sound itself. Now it has become softer, more melodious. Knocking and falling on the key have practically disappeared. Thanks to free hands, Ilaria was now able to pick up any speed both in given pieces and in her own compositions. More and more knobs become an intermediary and assistant in reflecting the desired sound, less and less - a hindrance.

In the last lessons, we paid attention to the development of musical ear, discovered gaps that still need to be worked on.
And, despite the fact that there is still a lot of work ahead, an important grain - the base - has already been laid.

Thanks to our joint work, thanks to the patience and now competent support of Olga's mother, Ilaria made a breakthrough in her musical development.

It took us two months and one week to do the whole job - completing 10 voluminous tasks.
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