Evelina Vakulova and mother Margarita with a diploma of successful completion of the First level
INTERVIEW of the author of the course Veronika Strelbitskaya with Margarita Glushko, mother of Evelina (6 years old, St. Petersburg), who were trained at the First stage of the course of the Little Conservatory.

How did Evelina show her musicality and interest in music and piano? In what situation did you decide to take part in the Little Conservatory course? What prompted you to make such a decision?

Evelina liked to sing, listen to music, repeat the rhythm. Back in her 2 years, I decided that we would definitely need to learn how to play, and we bought a children's piano, later we tried to learn from other video lessons. But things weren't going well, and I was looking for options. In one club on social networks, moms advised the Little Conservatory course, and now we are here :)

Why did you decide to study at the KidsConservatory?

We really liked the approach. The music doesn't seem to be difficult. Like something simple and familiar. Very diverse activities - we did theatre, and paintings, and performances, and a cartoon and a concert! This is more than just learning music - a lot of creativity and improvisation.

Do you have a basic musical education? Did you get new knowledge for yourself in the process of learning with your child?

I have no musical education. Yes, many new things! I am learning to play the piano with my child :)

What impressions did Evelina get from participating in the First level of the course at the KidsConservatory? Was it convenient for you to work on the proposed materials?

Evelina liked it very much, although she had to work and train. She answered without a doubt that she wanted to practice piano with Veronica again! The material is wonderful! The only thing is that it was difficult for me personally to switch to notes on paper when I played the second game, but I think it's individual, I just need more time to work through.

Approximately how much time (days per week, minutes/hours per day) did you spend preparing for classes? How long did it take Evelina to complete the tasks?

Evelina's classes took about fifteen minutes, about 2-3 times a week. I have an extra 15 minutes, probably a couple of times a week in the last lessons. I didn’t prepare anything in advance - they often read the lesson right away with her, sometimes I read it in advance in order to print something or choose what is more convenient to do first.

Did you like the guidance and support of the teacher? Did you receive answers to all your questions?

Yes, the teacher always answers all questions, very rich emotional support. There were videos and text messages addressed specifically to Evelina - this is very inspiring for her.
Veronica always goes to a meeting in organizational moments, which is also very important.

What three words would you use to characterize the project of the KidsConservatory?

Flight, freedom, creativity.

Would you recommend classes at the KidsConservatory to your friends with children?

Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to teach children to play the piano! It seems to me that if a mother knows how to play the piano and is ready to play with the child, then it will go very smoothly. And if the mother is studying with the child, it may take some extra time and effort to educate herself. But that's the beauty of it! :)
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